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Director of Health Services

Position Overview

The Director of Health Services advances the Mission and Vision of Allies by building, fostering, and inspiring excellence in the Agency’s ability to:

  • Serve as the primary resource for HIV/AIDS support, information, and best practices and protocols in Southwestern PA
  • Provide exceptional and compassionate medical care and social support services
  • Integrate the voice of consumers with program quality initiatives and services
  • Collaborate with and act as a resource for other organizations, providers, and professionals locally and nationally
  • Embrace and exhibit the highest ethical standards
  • Maximize and monitor fiscal and other resources
  • Build an environment that is safe, confidential, and welcoming
  • Eliminate the devastating impact of stigma through cultural awareness and advocacy

As part of Allies Leadership, the Director is responsible for formulating strategic and operational goals to deliver exceptional integrated medical care, disease prevention programming, and sexual health education to individuals; living with or at risk of HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections. The Director translates the Mission and Vision into actionable objectives specific to the Allies medical clinic and community health departments.


To improve health and well-being, Allies provides integrated medical care, supportive human services, and community-based education for individuals living with, or at risk of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections.


Allies envision a healthier community whereby people access integrated medical care and supportive human services in a respectful setting, free of stigma and discrimination.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze, evaluate and amend/enhance strategies and operations to advance Allies’ Mission
  • Establish and/or review organizational standards and guiding principles for processes, protocols, and training to ensure best practices are being followed
  • Develop and monitor departmental goals that support or improve quality integrated care and agency financial sustainability, as well as create an inclusive environment for patients and clients.
  • Develop, evaluate, and direct the implementation of strategies and initiatives that ensure continuing operations, build sustainable income streams, and improve programs and services
  • In conjunction with Allies’ Leadership, establish and implement short, intermediate, and long-term strategic initiatives
  • Monitor departmental budgets for the medical clinic and community health departments to attain revenue targets and maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • Govern all aspects of on-site and remote services
  • Ensure adherence to federal, state, and local laws concerning safety, confidentiality, and providing medical care
  • Direct, coach, manage, evaluate, and develop staff
  • Recommend actions and policies that build and reinforce efforts to reach under-served or marginalized populations
  • Oversee the mandatory licensing and reporting requirements associated with programs and services and contracts, including the PA Department of Health.
  • Research, establish, and maintain relationships with community partners

Organizational Expectations

  • Seek out up-to-date information about Allies’ programs and services, as well as relevant local, regional, and national health statistics that will inform and support our Mission
  • Improve job knowledge by remaining aware of new regulations and best practices; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations
  • Embrace and exemplify organizational standards and values
  • Commit to Allies’ promise to sustain and extend diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Contribute to efforts that build and reinforce Allies’ distinctive, effective, and ethical practices

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Through a combination of experience and education, the Director of Health Services will have:

  • Experience in managing a healthcare clinic, physician practice or similar entity or experience in a leadership role at a healthcare organization and similar in size, scope and scale of impact as Allies
  • Commitment to Allies’ principles and values
  • Expertise in healthcare operations and/or public health Interpersonal skills including the ability to motivate, negotiate, educate, influence, and persuade stakeholders, consumers, and employees
  • Excellent communication skills across multiple disciplines and platforms, including verbal, written and public speaking
  • Programmatic development and management
  • Ability to integrate strategic and operational goals across an organization
  • Knowledge of how to use legislative, economic, regulatory, local, regional, and national trends to forecast organizational actions and adjustments
  • Ability to adjust program outcomes and procedures to internal and external situations and circumstances (organizational agility)
  • Conflict resolution, facilitation, and mediation skills used with small and large groups to maintain and improve community relations and advocacy

A Bachelor’s degree OR relevant work experience with the associated responsibilities is required; a Master’s or an equivalent program of study and experience is preferred.  A minimum of three years in an organizational leadership role is also preferred.

The Director of Health Services will be called upon to engage in physical activity appropriate to Clinic and Office environments including the capacity to stand or sit for extended periods.  Current PA child abuse, PA criminal history, Federal criminal history clearances, and verification of TB test performed within the last year are required within the first 30 days of employment.

The designated budget for the Director of Health Services is between 85K and 100K with distinctions made for education and direct service experience with client populations like Allies’.

LGBTQIA identified persons, Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC), individuals with disabilities and legal histories, as well as from other historically underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.