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Be an Ally - Make Donation

Allies Ball Sponsors

Allies for Health + Wellbeing gratefully acknowledges our generous sponsors

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Get Involved

Being an Ally doesn't just mean financially supporting Allies for Health + Wellbeing. You can share your time and talents with Allies as part of Allies' volunteer program! It doesn’t take much to get involved, just fill out our Volunteer Application, and we'll connect you with volunteer opportunities available at Allies. We also offer opportunities for groups and corporations to volunteer with us.

Questions about what volunteering at Allies entails or just want to know more? Call 412-627-8728 or email to talk to Mary Beth Wyko, our marketing and communications manager.

Other ways to be an Ally

Register for STI/HIV Screening at an Event

Throwing an event? Allies' community health team can set up an table to share important information about sexual health. We can also bring our mobile testing van to offer HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis testing. To learn more or to request Allies' participation in your next event, contact Anitra Branch, our community health manager, at 412-345-7456 or email

Offer legal services to Allies' clients

One of the first services offered by the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, now Allies, was the Pro-Bono Legal Aid Network, which provided legal counsel to people with HIV who were facing discrimination or wanting to make end-of-life plans. Today, Allies continues to link clients to legal assistance from generous professionals in the Pittsburgh community. 


Allies offers individual, group or corporate sponsorship for the annual Allies Ball, as well as smaller events throughout the year. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Allies, contact Amy Herlich, director of development, at 412-910-0077 or email

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Follow Allies on Facebook, Instagram  and Twitter! Your likes, shares and comments help us to spread the word about who we are and the services we provide.