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Hepatitis C Treatment Center

While hepatitis C is a treatable condition, the toll it takes on your body is serious, and many who are living with hep C have no idea they’re even infected. Hep C doesn’t just affect you once --  for 70%-85% of people who become infected with hepatitis C, it becomes a long-term, chronic infection that severely impacts their overall quality of life.

At Allies for Health + Wellbeing, our team stresses the importance of frequent testing and early detection for those who are at risk for hepatitis C, as well as compassionate, state-of-the-art treatment for those who have tested positive. Your trust is extremely important to us, and your experience at Allies will always be compassionate, friendly, comprehensive and judgment-free.

You can be tested for hepatitis C and get your results in just 20 minutes, and should you test positive, Allies offers you confidential services at little or no cost. Don’t wait another second -- take action today and schedule your first appointment with us!

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Judgment-Free Hep C Treatment

Hepatitis C, which is also called hep C, viral hepatitis, or HCV, is a serious and contagious liver disease that can cause liver damage, liver cancer or even liver failure. Most people infected with hepatitis C don’t know they are infected. The good news is that hep C medications are now available that make this disease treatable, and ultimately curable. 

If you have hepatitis C, an Allies Health Advocate can connect you directly to our medical clinic for treatment or refer you to another medical provider. If you’re not sure if you’re living with hep C, do not wait to get tested! The sooner you are diagnosed and begin treatment of hepatitis, the more you reduce your risk of long-term health problems. 

Our Medical Director here at Allies, Sarah McBeth, MD, MPH, is board-certified in infectious diseases as well as internal medicine and is passionate about hep C treatment and testing for all. You can make an appointment with Dr. McBeth, or talk to an Allies Health Advocate today by calling (412) 345-7456.

Confidential Services at Little to no Cost

Hepatitis C Testing in Pittsburgh, PA

Early diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C can prevent long-term health problems and keep you from transmitting the virus. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to get tested frequently for hep C, especially if you’re in one of several categories that puts you at a higher risk than others for contracting the disease.

You are at high-risk of hepatitis C infection if you:

  • Use injection drugs or have used injection drugs
  • Were born between 1945 and 1965
  • Are in a sexual relationship with someone who is living with hepatitis C
  • Are living with HIV
  • Received a blood transfusion before 1992

Adults in their 20s and 30s made up 36.6% of newly reported cases of chronic hep C in 2018, and the CDC recommends everyone be tested for hep C at least once in their lifetime. Don’t put off your hep C test another day - schedule an appointment at Allies for Health + Wellbeing, where our knowledgeable, judgment-free team is eager to help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How could I have contracted hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus. People with HIV also are at greater risk of having hep C - that should be included as well. Most people infected with hepatitis C don’t know they are infected.

What is the best way to prevent hepatitis C?

The most effective way to prevent hepatitis C is by avoiding behaviors that can spread the disease, especially high-risk sex and injecting drugs. However, there are ways to protect yourself during high-risk encounters and intravenous drug use, including using protection during sex, using clean needles during drug use, and making sure to never share needles with someone else.

Can Allies help me get tested for hep C?

Yes! We’re very passionate about frequent testing for early detection when it comes to STIs, including hepatitis C. Schedule your first appointment today -- we’re happy to help.

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