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Who We Are

Allies for Health and Wellbeing is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that empowers individuals and communities through high-quality integrated medical care and supportive human services. From offering inclusive primary care to leading the way in holistic HIV treatment, with us, you always have an ally.

Where We Stand

Patient entering the Allies office
Patient talking to staff at Allies

What We Do

We provide inclusive, holistic care by recognizing our clients’ full lived experience. We remove financial barriers and stigma to make sure everyone can access the care they need, and we build trusting relationships with each client. Informed by nearly 40 years of experience working with the community, we create a culture of quality and respect through all of our services.

Our services are open to everyone, and we specialize in HIV, hepatitis C, and STI testing and care, gender-affirming care, and inclusive primary care.

Our Services

Our History

Kerry Stoner and a small group of volunteers founded the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force in 1985 to provide critical support services for people living with AIDS. Due to the lack of federal support for medical care for AIDS patients, these services were highly stigmatized and hard to access. PATF supported people dying from AIDS-related illness by coordinating a peer-to-peer program called the Buddy Program. PATF also conducted legal advocacy against discrimination and worked with clients to draw up their wills. In 1986, PATF incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and hired Kerry Stoner as its first Executive Director and employee.

Led by Stoner, PATF began providing counseling services and free, anonymous HIV testing to the community. When the Ryan White CARE Act passed in 1990, perceptions about HIV began to shift and more funding became available. PATF expanded its counseling services, legal advocacy, and mentoring programs into nearby rural areas and opened a food pantry. 

In 2017, we opened our medical clinic and rebranded as Allies for Health + Wellbeing to reflect our expanded mission of serving all those in need of inclusive care, not just people living with HIV.

Patient getting food from Allies pantry