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We are deeply saddened to announce that longtime Allies (PATF) staffer Matt Ometz has passed away after an extended illness. Through his role as the Pro-Bono Legal Network Coordinator at Allies, Matt devoted nearly 25 years to ensuring the civil and legal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. Matt said that losing 42 friends to AIDS and being diagnosed with HIV himself led him to work with people living with HIV and AIDS. “I told a lot of my friends then that I was not going to let their voices be silenced,” he said. “So that’s kind of my motivating factor. I’m trying to keep my promise to my friends to make sure that people with HIV have a voice.”

“To say that Matt was an inspiration to everyone at Allies is not hyperbole,” said Allies CEO Sean DeYoung. “Matt battled back from the brink of death more than once during his battle with AIDS, and he survived cancer. He always exuded hope, gratitude and positivity. He treated everyone with kindness and was considerate to the very end.”

Matt is survived by his husband, Phil Herrington.

Read Matt's obituary in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette here.



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Allies for Health + Wellbeing

When you’re looking for healthcare, you’re not just looking for someone who will write your prescriptions, give you a checkup and send you on your way. At Allies Health + Wellbeing, we envision a healthier community whereby everyone can access integrated medical care and supportive human services in a respectful setting, free of stigma and discrimination. 

Allies Health + Wellbeing provides integrated medical care, supportive human services, and community-based education for members of the Pittsburgh community, including those who are living with, or at risk of HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections. If you’re ready to receive that care, we’re waiting for you! Reach out to us and schedule your first appointment with Allies for Health + Wellbeing today.

We are committed to our mission of inclusivity and are proud to offer interpreter services for the language you speak.

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Allies Group of Individuals

Allies Position Statement

As an agency founded in opposition to discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS, Allies has always striven to create a place where racial and sexual minorities feel welcome, safe and respected. We stand firmly against injustice in all forms and strongly in support of those working to change institutional racism and discrimination. We hear you, we serve you, and we are your Allies.

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Our team of specialized providers understands that your circumstances inform the care you need. We’re experienced in culturally-competent care, treating LGBTQIA+ patients, transgender patients, HIV-positive patients, patients of color, and more. We’re here to provide you with compassionate care and support, judgment-free!

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Accessible Protection from HIV

Your Pittsburgh Resource for PrEP

A daily dose of pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment (PrEP) can reduce your risk of HIV infection by 99%, but many who are at risk face obstacles when trying to access their medication. Allies is proud to offer financial assistance for starting and staying on medication to prevent HIV, as well as providing options for you to get PrEP and PEP online so you can enjoy sex without fear or worry.

At Allies for Health + Wellbeing, we want to make it possible for you to take control of your sexual health, protect yourself from HIV, and have fun without fear. That’s why our HIV & PrEP specialist team is proud to remove all barriers and offer PrEP treatment to anyone who needs it.

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Resources for HIV Positive and At-Risk Patients

Specialized HIV Care

Whether you’re at a high risk for HIV, HIV positive, or involved with an HIV-positive partner, it’s important that your unique needs are met. At Allies, you can receive the support and care you deserve from experienced, compassionate medical professionals who truly get you.

Allies services are usually free and always confidential. If you’re ready to get the support you need to start living the life you deserve, don’t wait. Schedule your first appointment with us today!

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Primary Care Services

Allies for Health + Wellbeing offer people of every race, gender, orientation and background the quality primary care that every deserves. Tailored to their experience and free of judgment, patients leave Allies feeling seen, heard, or satisfied with their experience. Get the care you need from providers who don’t just respect you, but really understand you and your needs.

If you’re ready to receive that care during your regularly-scheduled primary care visits, we’re waiting for you! Schedule your first appointment with Allies for Health + Wellbeing today.

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Allies Primary Care Services

Quality Healthcare for All

Cost is one of the greatest obstacles all individuals face in getting the care they need. We stand up to systemic roadblocks by offering financial assistance and accepting a wide range of insurance providers in the Pittsburgh area.

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  1. Pittsburgh, PA
Office Location

Pittsburgh, PA

5913 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Below are our active hours for our offices, our testing services, and our clinic. To make an appointment for any of our services, please call 412-345-7456.

Office Hours:

Mon 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Tue 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Wed 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Thu 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Fri 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

Testing Hours:

Walk-in hours are subject to change. Please call us to confirm walk-in timings.

Mon 04:00 pm - 07:30 pm Appointments Only
Tue 01:00 pm - 07:30 pm Appointments Only
Wed 04:00 pm - 07:30 pm Appointments and Walk-Ins
Thu 08:30 am - 11:00 am Appointments Only
Fri Closed
Sat Closed
Sun 09:00 am - 04:30 pm Appointments, walk-ins 10:00 am - 03:30 pm

Clinic Hours:

Mon 08:30 am - 03:30 pm
Tue 08:30 am - 03:30 pm
Wed 08:30 am - 03:30 pm
Thu 08:30 am - 07:30 pm
Fri 08:30 am - 03:30 pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

Get In Touch with Us:

CALL: (412) 345-7456
FAX: (412) 345-7457

Pittsburgh Community Care Center Testing

Our Testing Hours

Mon:   09:00 am - 04:30 pm
Tue:     09:00 am - 04:30 pm
Wed:   12:00 pm - 07:30 pm
Thu:    12:00 pm - 07:30 pm
Fri:      09:00 am - 04:30 pm
Sat:     Closed
Sun:    11:00 am - 02:30 pm

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