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2023 Community Advisory Council

Allies for Health + Wellbeing currently is organizing a Community Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC provides feedback on Allies’ programs and services to drive quality improvement activities and helps staff stay connected to the communities it serves. 

Allies is committed to choosing a diverse group of CAC members with different ages, gender identities, races/ethnicities, sexual orientations, and HIV status. Allies is committed to forming a CAC that includes people who have received health care or have an interest in health care at Allies; this includes medical care, case management and supportive human services, or STI testing services.


The mission of Allies for Health + Wellbeing is to provide integrated medical care, supportive human services, and community-based education for individuals living with, or at-risk of HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexual transmitted infections.

The main purposes of the CAC are:

  • To develop strategies to improve access to care
  • To develop strategies to improve quality of care
  • To provide a community voice in decisions Allies makes about current and future services


The CAC will meet virtually and/or in person for two hours in February, May, August, and November of each year starting in November 2023. Members will be compensated for their participation. 

During the meetings, the CAC will give feedback, react to ideas from staff, and make suggestions that could improve services at Allies. 

Possible CAC topics include transgender health services, case management services, support groups, and HIV/STI testing and outreach. Once members are chosen, the CAC will choose additional topics to discuss.

We hope to create a CAC that is meaningful and rewarding and to offer community members a way to help Allies provide even better care and help shape what Allies will be in the future.

Benefits of Joining the CAC:

  • Learning more about the services at Allies
  • Having a voice in how Allies improves the healthcare it offers
  • Helping staff understand what the community needs 

Applications and Deadlines

To apply to be a member of the CAC, please complete the application. We will be glad to help you fill out the application form and to answer any questions you may have about what it would be like to serve on the Council. Please send your completed application to Sara Luby, Director of Quality + Compliance, at She can also be reached at 412-248-0548.

As there are only a limited number of seats on the Council, not every person who fills out an application form will be asked to serve. We will call or email you to let you know that your application was received.

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