By NATALIE BENCIVENGA, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It was good to be queen (or king!) during the second annual Allies Ball as more than 400 of Pittsburgh’s most regal made their grand entrance at the University Club in Oakland on Saturday night. Each guest’s name was announced as they stepped into the VIP terrace lounge, a nice touch by event architect Thommy Conroy. With a little help from Revive Marketing, Style 412 and Rose Colored Creative, patrons came dressed to impress in ballgowns and tiaras, velvet blazers and ascots. Amid all the glitz and pomp, the idea was to inspire and remind us of who we are and to uplift one another.

“We are royalty, all of us,” said Mr. Conroy. “We are the party and we can fix the problems of the world together. Tonight will sing because the people here make great things happen.” But beyond the glitter — and there was plenty of that! — the event raised funds for Allies for Health + Wellbeing, an organization that supports those living with HIV, combats homelessness and food insecurity in the LGTBQ+ community and provides medications that can prevent contraction of the disease. “What we are finding is that we can beat this,” said Allies CEO Sean DeYoung. “We have the tools and as we continue to build awareness and reach new communities, the way forward looks promising.” Scott Noxon, a fierce supporter of Allies since its inception in 1984 and winner of the prestigious Kerry Stoner Award, added: “I am proud to bring awareness to this cause and to remind everyone of the magnitude of impact that Allies has had to combat this disease. If we work together, we can make great strides towards a better tomorrow for all of us.” Pennsylvania State University-Beaver has created a groundbreaking scholarship to continue Mr. Noxon’s legacy: the Scott Noxon LGBTQA Scholarship.

#SEENRevelling: Honorary chair John Lovelace and Joanna Schultz, Richard Parsakian, Larry Leahy, Laura Jordan, Nachum Golan and Steve Hough, Keri Harmicar and David Seman, Pam and Ken McCrory, #SEENBestGlam Eileen French Jordan with husband Patrick Jordan, Jack Bellas and Ian Primosch, Stephan Bontrager and Michael Kostiew, Janet and Harris Ferris, Gisele Fetterman, Sean Gray, Lou Castelli, Marty Healy and Gene Walsh, David Onufer and Paul Purdy, Jose Diaz, Tricia DeYoung, Jim Cassaro, Clare Meehan, Nancy Simpronio and Chuck Culbertson, Samuel Tanur, D.J. Stemmler and Sara Luby, Sara Longo, Suzanne Mauro, Elysia Newman, Lana and Fred Neumeyer, Quito Ollero, Albert Fonticiella and Chris Edwards, Joe King, Gregory Louis Bohanon II, Jackie Dixon, #SEENBestDressed Jay Barlow, and performer Marti G. Cummings, who kept the royal court dancing all night long!