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Health Care for the Pittsburgh Community

Primary Care Clinic & Behavioral Health

No patient should avoid finding a primary care physician, or neglect their routine healthcare because they don’t want to visit the doctor. Unfortunately, standard primary care can be financially inaccessible and doesn’t always leave patients feeling seen, heard, or satisfied with their experience, making people less likely to receive the care they need. 

No matter who you are, you deserve care from providers who don’t just respect you, but actually understand you and your needs. Allies strives to deliver comprehensive care to patients across broad spectrums of race, class, orientation, gender, and more. Our Medical Clinic provides primary medical care that is open to all, regardless of your background or  health insurance situation. 

People of every race, gender, orientation and background deserve primary care that is tailored to their experience and free of judgment. If you’re ready to receive that care during your regularly-scheduled primary care visits, we’re waiting for you! Schedule your first appointment with Allies for Health + Wellbeing today.

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Primary Care, Customized for You

Accessible Primary Care in Pittsburgh 

Allies medical staff is trained in providing sensitive care to people of all backgrounds, and provides a welcoming, respectful environment for all individuals. All of Allies’ medical professionals are equipped to provide basic primary care to anyone who walks in our door. We also have more specialized providers who are highly-trained and certified in the following:

  • HIV treatment
  • Hepatitis C Treatment
  • Routine gynecological exams and well woman exams, including contraception
  • Trans* care / gender affirming care
  • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) medication

Allies for Health + Wellbeing is also proud to offer telemedicine options for those who are at high risk for COVID-19, or who would prefer a more discreet, convenient, accessible mode of care. If you are a patient in our clinic, you can also participate in our pharmacy program and have your medications delivered to your home or other convenient location at no cost to you.

Allies for Health + Wellbeing accepts most health insurances in the Pittsburgh area, and our clinic hours are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Call us at (412) 345-7456 to make an appointment today!

Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

Behavioral Health Services 

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand, especially for those living with HIV. If you’re an HIV-positive individual who is case managed by Allies, you can access our care for both. Allies’ therapist is a licensed professional counselor and a certified addictions counselor. Our therapist has experience in working with:

  • Depression and anxiety medication assisted therapy
  • Trauma care
  • Substance use disorder treatment
  • Counseling for couples and families

If you’re an HIV-positive patient who is case managed by us and interested in the behavioral health services we offer, be sure to discuss your concerns with your physician. If you are not currently case-managed by the Allies team, You can talk to us about our case management services.

NOTE: At present, we are able to offer our mental health services only to those who are HIV+ AND are being case managed by Allies. If you are interested in our case management services, please call 412-345-7456.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I order my medication online and have it delivered to me?

Yes! Allies is proud to participate in telehealth as an online PrEP doctor, and you can have your medication delivered right to you.

Can I call Allies and ask for behavioral health counseling?

Our internal behavioral health services are only available for clients who are case-managed by Allies, whether you’re a patient at our clinic or not. If you’re HIV-positive and interested in Allies’ case management services, be sure to learn more and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

If you are not a case-managed patient but would like to access behavioral health services, schedule an appointment with our clinic and discuss your concerns with your physician. We can refer you externally to a behavioral health specialist so that you can start receiving the care you need.

Do you offer financial assistance for primary care services?

Allies is committed to removing as many obstacles to care as possible for our patients. Most of our services come at little to no cost to you, and we accept most major insurances.